Jill of all trades

What do you do when you need your house in order — pronto — and everything is overwhelming? The all-encompassing “Jill-of-all-trades” will help you clear up all the clutter in your life, handling your most pressing needs from cooking and cleaning to childcare and errands.


Did someone say help?

  • Long hours at the office and you’re short on childcare and dinner prep?
  • In-laws are coming over and you need someone to clean the apartment and cook?
  • The idea of decorations, baking a cake, and cleaning enough to make you crawl into a hole?

Leave this in our hands

Taking into account your specific requests and requirements, including the tasks you want performed, your budget, and your schedule, we’ll match you with theexperienced provider that best suits your needs.

Amy, our virtual concierge, is here to lend a hand, walking you through the simple booking process. Find out more about how Apiari works.