That mess won’t clean itself, but a trusted Apiari provider can help make it disappear. From scrubbing every tile in the bathroom to keeping your kitchen sink pan-free, our cleaners will make your home the sparkling oasis you always dreamed it would be.


When should you book a cleaning service?

  • Keeping your home clean is difficult for even the tidiest among us, but it’s essential for maintaining a more organized — and less stressful — life. (Did you know a clean home is linked to health and happiness?)
  • The parents are in town next week and you haven’t put a dish away in weeks. Whoops.
  • Your kids just fingerpainted the walls. And the bathroom.
  • You don’t have pets, but the dust bunnies sure are keeping you company.

How we match you to your perfect cleaner

Whether you’re looking for a deep clean for your entire apartment or someone to tidy things up in anticipation of your next party, we’ll find you the cleaner to suit your needs.

Amy, our virtual concierge, makes it easy for you to book an experienced provider who can work according to your cleaning schedule and frequency.

And rest assured — we’ve carefully vetted all our providers.