Child Care

Whether you’re looking for short-term childcare, an experienced nanny, a back-up babysitter, or an extra pair of hands, Apiari will help you find the caregiver you need. We also take strides to ensure that you and your children are completely comfortable with your provider.

When should you book a childcare service?

  • Life is complicated and sometimes overwhelming. You need Apiari when:
  • You’re a busy parent who needs to stay late at the office this week.
  • You haven’t had a date night in ages.
  • School vacation is around the corner and you don’t have a sitter lined up.
  • Your regular sitter canceled at the last minute.
  • Half days at school are torture for your schedule.
  • You just need a little time for self-care.

How we match you to your provider

Apiari will show you a curated list of nurturing childcare providers tailored to your specific needs, reducing your search time.

How does it all work? Here’s the rundown.

Every provider has been carefully screened and vetted. Learn more about our provider vetting process.