When it comes to finding a great childcare provider, there seem to be too many options and not enough time (or willpower) to cull through the hundreds of nanny and babysitter profiles.

Let us match you to a curated list of nurturing childcare providers who meet your specific needs. Isn't that what you were looking for in the first place?


Childcare Peace of Mind

  • All of our childcare providers have at least 1 year of professional, paid childcare experience.
  • We've done a live interview with every Apiari providers and checked references.
  • All our providers have passed a professional third-party background check.
  • Yup, they are all CPR-certified.
  • Yes, we can give you a dependent care receipt.

Childcare Catered For Your Kids

Newborn Care: An extra set of hands to help with the baby so you can get some rest or just a break from changing diapers!

Part-time to Full-time Childcare: The best option for parents who need to leave the house before daycare opens or need childcare after daycare closes. Covering for a single full day to after-school care every day … and every variation in between.

Short-term and Backup Care: Childcare while you wait for a daycare spot to open up or are on parental leave. Regular nanny on leave? School closed AND you have to go to work?  Or needing help until COVID-19 blows over? We’ve got you covered!

Nanny Share: A cost-effective option for families wanting small group socialization for their children and needing schedule flexibility. Learn more.

Need More Than Just Childcare?

Check out these special types of providers who can give the extra touch!

Jill-of-All-Trades who can also help with some light household cleaning. Let us know in your booking flow and we’ll match you to these providers.

Enrichment Sitters who can help with homework, art & crafts, singing, dancing, acting, sports, and more.  Learn more.

Summer Pods allow parents to build an enriching experience for their kids at home this summer. Form your own group or let us help you match to other families in your neighborhood.  Learn more.

Still Have Questions?

Check out how it works, our vetting process and pricing, or chat with us.

A special note on Our Commitment During Coronavirus.