Find your trusted sitter.

Whether you’re looking for short-term childcare, an experienced nanny, a back-up babysitter, or an extra pair of hands, Apiari will help you find the caregiver you need.

We also take strides to ensure that you and your children are completely comfortable with your provider.

When should you book a childcare service?

Life is complicated and sometimes overwhelming. You need Apiari when:

You’re a busy parent who needs to stay late at the office this week.

You haven’t had a date night in ages.

School vacation is around the corner and you don’t have a sitter lined up.

Your regular sitter canceled at the last minute.

Half days at school are torture for your schedule.

You just need a little time for self-care.

How we match you to your provider

Apiari will show you a curated list of nurturing childcare providers tailored to your specific needs, reducing your search time.

How does it all work? Here’s the rundown.

Every provider has been carefully screened and vetted. Learn more about our provider vetting process.

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Meals without all the mess.

After a long day at work, cooking (and even meal prep) is the last thing on anyone’s mind. Our cooks prepare your favorite meals with your preferred ingredients, leaving you with plenty of food for you and your family for days to come.

Don’t worry — they’ll also clean the pots and pans, so you’ll come home to a delicious meal and not have to worry about a messy kitchen.

When should you book a cooking service?

Eating healthy is important, but it can be difficult when you’re spending long days at the office. Turn to Apiari when:

You’ve ordered Seamless all month (maybe even year).

You’re worried about the number of times your kids have had pizza for dinner this week.

Even Blue Apron feels like an insurmountable challenge right now.

How we match you to your preferred cook

Through a rigorous vetting process, we identify trusted home cooks. We’ll curate a list of providers who meet your needs, taking into account factors such as the times you need the help, your dietary preferences, the number of people you’ll be feeding, and more.

Amy, our virtual concierge, will walk you through every step of booking your cooking service.

Want to know more about how Apiari works? Here’s what you should know.

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So spick. So span.

That mess won’t clean itself, but a trusted Apiari provider will. From scrubbing every tile in the bathroom to keeping your kitchen sink pan-free, our cleaners will make your home the sparkling oasis you always dreamed it would be.

When should you book a cleaning service?

Keeping your home clean is difficult for even the tidiest among us, but it’s essential for maintaining a more organized — and less stressful — life. (Did you know a clean home is linked to health and happiness?)

Apiari is here to help when:

The parents are in town next week and you haven’t put a dish away in weeks. Whoops.

Your kids just fingerpainted the walls. And the bathroom.

You don’t have pets, but the dust bunnies sure are keeping you company.

How we match you to your perfect cleaner

Whether you’re looking for a deep clean for your entire apartment or someone to tidy things up in anticipation of your next party, we’ll find you the cleaner to suit your needs.

Amy, our virtual concierge, makes it easy for you to book an experienced provider who can work according to your cleaning schedule and frequency.

And rest assured — we’ve carefully vetted all our providers.

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When your bundle of joy presents a bundle of challenges.

Being a new parent is exciting, but it can also be difficult. Fortunately, our night nurses are here to provide you with thoughtful, caring support during this life-changing period.

When should you book a night nurse?

Being a new parent is a wonderful thing, but there are plenty of obstacles. Turn to Apiari for support when:

You’re a first-time parent who wants to learn basic techniques for caring for your newborn.

You’re looking to create a nursing and sleeping schedule and need some structure.

You’re just totally exhausted and want to sleep through the night.

You’re looking forward to a fun evening out and sleeping in the next morning.

How we match you to the night nurse of your dreams.

Families have different needs when it comes to caring for their children and other aspects of their lives.

We’ll make sure we’re meeting your specific requests when we facilitate your booking through Amy, our virtual concierge.

Looking for an experienced night nurse to lend a hand for the occasional night of the week — or longer term? We’ll make it happen.

Want someone with experience caring for infants with specific needs? We’ve got you covered.

Here’s some more info about the Apiari process.

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Your loved ones deserve the best care. Let us provide it.

You’ll feel comfortable and confident putting your trust in an Apiari elder care provider, who will work with you and your loved one to create an individual care plan and provide non-medical services including cooking, cleaning, running errands, shopping, and more.

When should you book an eldercare provider?

Sometimes, having a loved one who requires assistance can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Apiari is here to offer support when:

You’re no longer comfortable with your loved one getting behind the wheel of a car.

Your parent or relative isn’t ready to move into an assisted care facility but needs regular or occasional help at home.

You want your loved one to have a trusted care provider who understands her individual needs and preferences.

How we match you to the best elder care provider to meet your need.

We’ll cultivate a list of matches who have the qualifications, schedule, and know-how to provide the care best suited to you and your family.

Amy, our virtual concierge, will guide you through the booking process with ease.

All of our experienced caretakers have been vetted. Read more about our providers.

Keep in mind that while Apiari’s providers can remind clients of when to take medication, they’re not allowed to administer the medication or provide any other medical assistance

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From chaos to calm.

What do you do when you need your house in order — pronto — and everything is overwhelming? The all-encompassing “Jill-of-all-trades” will help you clear up all the clutter in your life, handling your most pressing needs from cooking and cleaning to childcare and errands.

When should you book a Jill-of-all-trades?

What do you do when you need it all done? Book a Jill-of-all-trades when:

The long hours at the office mean you’re short on childcare and dinner prep.

Your in-laws are coming over tomorrow and you need someone to to clean the apartment and help prep the meal.

The idea of going to Party City for decorations, baking a cake, and getting the backyard ready is enough to make you want to crawl into a hole.

How we match you to the perfect Jill-of-all-trades.

Taking into account your specific requests and requirements, including the tasks you want performed, your budget, and your schedule, we’ll match you with the experienced provider that best suits your needs.

Amy, our virtual concierge, is here to lend a hand, walking you through the simple booking process. Find out more about how Apiari works.

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