Keeping your child safe and smiling.

Our sitters provide exceptional care for kids of all ages. So whether your child needs a fresh diaper or a hand with homework, we’ve got you covered.

How does Apiari help with childcare?

Our sitters organize activities, prepare meals, handle baths and manage bedtime. They put love and thought into every engagement, ensuring your child is always in good hands.

When do you need a hand with childcare?

You can’t remember your last date night.

School half-days and holidays don’t line up with your work schedule.

Your regular care provider is sick or away.

You need a few hours of peace and quiet.

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Taking meal prep off your plate.

Is the mere thought of cooking after a long workday exhausting? You’re not alone. That’s why we’ve assembled a roster of cooks with the chops to simplify your life.

How does Apiari help with cooking?

Our cooks use your preferred ingredients and favorite recipes to make several days of meals in advance. Our focus is on keeping your family full, not the sink, so we won’t call it a day until your kitchen is spotless (and your family well-nourished).

When do you need a hand with cooking?

You throw out more food than you’re able to use.

This week’s supply of Blue Apron is starting to collect dust.

You worry your kids are turning into dough balls because of all the pasta and pizza.

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Making your home shine.

There’s something so nice about opening the door to a clean home. Apiari will make it happen, whether that means focused cleaning a few key areas or handling your entire home. You choose what gets cleaned and how much cleaning time you need.

How does Apiari help with cleaning?

Our cleaners are equipped to handle the dirty work. We’ll mop, spray and dust every area in need and even tidy up after meals. Plus, we’ll take care of garbage and recyclables, leaving your home sparkling.

When do you need a hand with cleaning?

You’ve been cleaning your home maybe every three weeks and never quite get to every room.

Your mom suddenly announced she’s coming over next week.

Every time you clean one room, your kids mess up another.

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Providing support to new parents.

The first few months of your child’s life are filled with unexpected challenges. We’ve been there, so we know the value of a little help for your little one.

How do Apiari’s night nurses help?

Our night nurses provide thoughtful care to newborns or toddlers. We’re here for the occasional night or even weeks at a time. We’ll always respect your choices and provide 100% non-judgmental support.

When do you need a night nurse?

You need help with basic care techniques for your newborn.

You’re looking to develop a nursing and sleeping schedule.

You’d love a solid night of sleep for yourself.

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Caring for an aging generation.

Apiari is here for every member of the family, including parents and grandparents. Our elder care services are curated to meet an array of unique needs.

How does Apiari help with elder care?

The best elder care plan is different for everyone. We help you create the  ideal combination of non-medical services, such as cooking, cleaning, running errands and shopping.

[Note: While Apiari’s providers can remind clients of when to take medication, they’re not allowed to administer the medication or provide any other medical assistance.]

When do you need a hand with elder care?

Your parent (or grandparent) isn’t ready for an assisted living facility.

You’d rather have someone else behind the wheel of their car.

They could simply use some companionship.

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Keeping it all in check.

Need a little help with your growing to-do list? Time to call in a Jill-of-all-trades. These providers will help you manage all aspects of your home.

How do Apiari’s “Jill-of-all-trades” help?

Our Jills-of-all-trades bring a lot to the table, be it through childcare, eldercare, cooking, cleaning or running errands.

When do you need a “Jill-of-all-trades”?

You’re hosting a dinner party and need help with cooking and tidying your place.

Your child’s birthday is this weekend and you need a hand picking up party favors and baking the cake.

You’re traveling for work and need someone to go food shopping, prepare meals and watch the kids each night until your partner gets home.

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