Apiari Referral Program

We’re excited to offer our customer referral program! What does it mean for you? Cash credit to use on more Apiari services AND cash credit for the friends and family members you refer.


1. How do my friends use my referral code?

Ask your friends to enter your referral code when prompted for a “Promo Code” during their service booking flow.


2. When do I receive my cash credit?

The cash credit will be automatically added into your account as soon as your friend books any Apiari service using your referral code. Cash credit will be applied to your next booked session with Apiari.


3. When will my friend receive the cash credit?

It will appear in your friend’s account once she or he enters your referral code through the booking process. It will be automatically applied to their first booked Apiari session.


4. Where do I find my referral code?

Your referral code appears at the top of your My Profile page.

5. When does referral credit expire?

Never! You can hold onto your credits as long as you wish.


6. Is there a limit to the number of friends I can refer?

No. You can refer as many friends as you like, and you will receive a cash credit for each friend who books a service through Apiari.


7. Can I request cash for my cash credit?

Apiari cash credit cannot be redeemed for cash. It can only be applied to future booked sessions.


8. How much cash credit do my friends, family and I receive for each referral?

Apiari cash credit amount will depend on Apiari’s current referral program offer. Current referral amount will be noted at the top of your profile. Cash credits will be given when your friends and family book their first service. Cancellation of their first booked session will result in loss of your Apiari cash credit.


9. Are there any restrictions to the Apiari Referral Program?

Just one! Cash credit will not be given to referrers or referrals who live in the same home.