Trusted help doesn’t
have to be a luxury.

Why pay someone full-time when you only need part-time help?

Our providers are all at different hourly rates.

Their rates are based on their level of experience, skill sets, certifications, and client satisfaction.

Learn more here about our provider vetting process.


Additional Fees:

Any booking under 3 hours will be charged an extra $25 travel fee.

An additional $15 travel fee may be added for any service bookings starting past 9:30pm or ending before 6am.

For night nurse sessions only, $50 will added for each additional child (ie – twins, toddlers)

The benefits of using Apiari.

  • Keep it simple

    We take care of background checks, session coordination and provider feedback. Having help should be this easy!

  • No cash needed

    By charging sessions onto your credit card, you can earn cash back, miles and other rewards.

  • We’re on it

    There’s no need to worry about household employment tax, as we pay your provider directly

  • Simple pricing

    We have zero sign-on fees or ongoing subscription plans. Our pricing is always straightforward.

  • Flexible schedule

    You won’t have to pay your provider when you’re on vacation or don’t need the help on a particular day.

  • Get the credit

    We provide service receipts that can be applied against dependent care accounts and child care tax credits.