Our Commitment During Coronavirus.

Our Commitment During These Times of Uncertainty

Updated 10.15.2020

As Coronavirus (COVID-19) remains a concern in our local communities, we want to let you know that the health of our clients and providers come first.

To support that commitment:

1) We have informed all of our providers of the CDC’s prevention guidelines and have also asked them to cancel client sessions if they exhibit any signs of illness.

2) We are asking every client and provider with an Apiari booking to make the same COVID Community Commitments to keep themselves and the Apiari community healthy.

     – We added a “COVID Commitment” badge to providers’ profiles so that clients can see who has made these Commitments.

     – Clients can only make an Apiari booking if they have made the same COVID Commitments.

     – Prior to each session, clients and providers will receive reminders to check their temperatures and other COVID symptoms.

3)  We will cancel Apiari sessions for a 14-day self-quarantine period if you have reason to believe you or someone in your household has been exposed to the Coronavirus.

4) We will continue to waive all late-cancellation fees (within 24 hrs of start time) due to illness.

5) We will continue to offer back-up support with an alternative provider when we can.

6) We respect both our clients’ and providers’ wishes if either would like to suspend their Apiari services during this period of heightened concern.

7) We recognize that you may have additional precautions you’d like providers to take as they enter your home. We encourage you to leave any additional notes for your providers via your Apiari session notes when you request a booking.

8) We will continue to monitor COVID-related developments (including antibodies, vaccines and contact tracing) and will take additional steps when public health officials have made definitive decisions.


Should you need to reschedule or book any of your sessions, you can do so by visiting us at Get Started and select “Manage Appointments.”

We are all in this together and know it’s even more challenging for families to manage all their household needs. Please know we are still here and have providers who are ready to help when you are ready to have a trusted provider in your home again.

Please reach out if you have any questions or additional concerns.


Stay healthy and safe,
All of us at Apiari



“Keep Our Home COVID-Free” template: Put up your own house rules to set expectations on how family members and guests can stay healthy and safe.

– Hand Sanitizers: For our Apiari clients and providers, we can send you some complimentary travel-sized hand sanitizers. Just drop us a note.

– Travel Safety: If you are concerned about public transportation, let us know if you prefer having a provider that has a car, or if you are willing to pay for a car ride for providers to reach you.

– Face Masks: There are now a variety of face masks available both for children and adults on websites like Amazon and Etsy. Feeling crafty? Try sewing a face mask at home, or making no-sew face masks with these instructions. You can even use kids’ leggings to make cloth masks!

– More CDC Guidelines on how to prevent yourself from getting COVID, including how to disinfect your home and when you really need to wear gloves.