I Can’t Even…

As we head into Mother’s Day, we want to show the real side of motherhood. Here is what our co-founder Yi-Hsian Godfrey shares.

On most days, my thoughts go like this:

I can’t even

• remember if I shampooed my hair showering this morning
• deal with my kids’ littering of socks and toys around the house
• start folding that gigantic heap of clean laundry
• recall all of my (two) kids’ names at the moment (and forget about that third pet fish)
• bother with all the Cheerios on the floor (my feet tell me they’re still crunchy, not stale)
• look at what’s gathering underneath the couch when I’m doing yoga (negates the zen)

When’s the last time you said, “I. Can’t. Even.”?

If you’re a mother, chances are, it was probably a minute ago.

There’s a lot of pressure to have the perfect home, perfect job, and perfect kids. Sometimes, it feels impossible to live up to the example of my Asian mom, and you probably face similar pressures.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret (hint: you may already know it on some level): There’s no such thing as perfect. Having recently had the privilege of attending a gathering with Reshma Saujani to discuss her new book Brave, Not Perfect, I was encouraged to share (and embrace) my “imperfect” home and life — essentially my own “I can’t even” list. It gave me the breathing room to chuckle at these imperfections, and I hope sharing yours brings you some laughter, too.

If something has made you say “I can’t even,” join the conversation #MomsWhoCantEven on Twitter and Instagram or respond to our post on Facebook. We can’t wait to hear about all your favorite awkward, frustrating, hilarious, and, most of all, relatable moments of everyday motherhood.

Let’s reimagine and champion the beautiful “can’t evens” of real motherhood. We’re all in it together!

Happy Mother’s Day!