• For clients

    What is Apiari?

    Apiari helps people find, book and manage experienced and vetted care providers. From night nurses and childcare to cooks and cleaners to eldercare, book as little as a single session whenever you need the help. Providers are only allowed onto the platform after an intensive interview process. Read more about our selection process here.

    How does Apiari match me to providers?

    Based on your input, such as location, service needs and family information, we match you based on our providers’ experience and your requested date(s) and time(s). We only recommend the top 3 providers that meet your requests, saving you over 20 hours of culling through resumes, conducting interviewing and vetting.

    Is there a minimum number or length of sessions?

    Book a provider for a little as one 3-hour session. Depending on circumstances, we may need to charge an extra $25 for sessions under 3 hours to compensate providers for their travel time.

    How can I make sure the provider is good fit for our needs?

    Book the provider for a single session and see them at work, interacting with you and your family. It’s the only way to get better sense of who they are and if it’s a good personality match.

    Can I meet with a provider beforehand?

    We can help schedule a 30-minute phone call with your provider of choice. If possible, we always recommend paying for a single trial session to see them at work and interacting with you and your family. It’s the best way to get a better sense of their ability.

    How do I get started?

    Easy! Make your first booking in a matter of minutes.

    Do you offer full-time help?

    You can book any availability our providers offer. The benefits of using Apiari for all your in-home care include:
    – No need to worry about household employment tax as we will be paying your provider directly.
    – Pay only for sessions needed. No sign-on fees or subscription plans. No need to pay your provider or us when going on vacation or simply not needing the help that particular day.
    – Backup support available when your provider falls ill or is going on vacation.
    – We provide childcare and dependent care services receipts that can be applied against dependent care accounts and child care tax credits.

    I forgot my password. How can I log on?

    Visit our “Forgot password” page and enter your email address on file. You will receive a password reset email to create a new password. Please look in your spam/junk folder if you do not receive an email within a couple of minutes.

    How do I update or change my information?

    After you log in, pull down the menu next to your name (top right corner) and select “My Profile.” From there, you can upload a photo and/or edit your home address, email address and contact number. At the bottom of the page, you can also update your credit card on file and any service-specific questions related to your children, your home, dietary preferences, etc.

    How are sessions charged?

    A weekly reminder email is sent out to confirm your upcoming week’s scheduled sessions. If you make no changes, we’ll charge your credit card on file up to 1 week in advance.

    How do I cancel or change a scheduled session?

    Drop us an email or call us at 212.381.9687. We love to help!

    What if I come home late or early?

    Please do let your provider know if you are running late. Our provider may have another client session they need to leave for and will need to let their other clients know. If needed, you may be required to pay for cab fare to their next client assignment. They will let us know the extra amount of time they worked and once confirmed by you, we will direct bill the additional time to your credit card on file.

    Do I have to use a credit card?

    Yes, but rest assured that your credit card information – in fact all of your information – is safe. We don’t keep your credit card information on file. All card details are stored and process with Stripe. You can review Stripe’s privacy policy here.

    Do you sell my information?

    Never! We respect your privacy and like you we are tired of sorting through junk email and snail mail! You may see targeted advertising on our portal and emails based on your needs. Click them if they are of interest to you and share your info directly with our advertisers if you like.

    Do you offer gift cards?

    Yes, please contact us at hello@theapiari.com to find out more. We want to make sure your lucky recipient is within the geographic areas we serve. A digital gift certificate can be sent directly to them or to you for gifting.

  • For providers

    What are the minimum qualifications you are looking for in providers?

    All of our care providers must have:
    – A minimum of 3 valid and good references given by phone, at least 2 of which must be from paid work experience.
    – Proper work authorization documents and a willingness to be paid on the books.
    – Pass a nation-wide and county-level criminal and sex offenders background check
    – For all childcare roles: must have pediatric CPR certification or willing to take one after signing up with Apiari.
    – If providers are caring for infants, they must also have at least 5 years of paid experience caring for 2 or more infants.
    – If providers are caring for children 1+ years old, they must also have at least 2 years of paid experience caring for 2+ toddlers or older children.
    – For cleaning or cooking roles: at least 2 years of paid cleaning experience

    What’s your interviewing process?

    All applicants must apply via our online application form. If selected, applicants will first have a phone interview, followed by reference checks. If passed, applicants will have a one-hour in-person interview with an Apiari staff member and undertake a nation-wide, county-level background search.

    How do I pick up assignments?

    During your final interview, we will ask you questions to help you set up your profile. You will then have access to an account created just for you, and can set your availability on your Apiari calendar. Our platform will recommend you to clients only if they match your skill set, preferences, location and availability. Assignment requests will be sent via text, and you will have 2 hours to respond.

    How and how often do you pay?

    We pay once a week via an app called Zelle, which is available at most major U.S. banks. If you don’t have Zelle, we can work with you to find another payment solution.

    How do taxes work?

    All care providers at Apiari are currently independent contractors or “1099” workers. This means that we do not withhold taxes, but you will get a Form 1099 from us after year-end that will allow you to prepare your own taxes.

    What are the perks of working at Apiari?

    1. After you pass your screening with Apiari, you will reduce your job search and admin time by 95%. We will take care of your profile, documents, job search and payments. Some clients will want to have an initial phone interview with you, but we will have done most of the leg work. Any trials you do with clients will be paid.
    2. For every 25 hours you work, Apiari will pay you 1 bonus hour (so long as you don’t get a negative client review). You can cash out the bonus hours anytime or accrue them towards your vacation or sick days.
    3. Don’t like a client? You just have to tell us. We understand that people don’t get along for various reasons. As long as we think you’re doing good work, we will help you find other clients who might be a better fit for you. Avoid uncomfortable conversations and situations and let us deal with it.
    4. Have the flexibility to work when you want to. We don’t mandate your work hours. All we ask is that after you have accepted an assignment, you stick with it (or give us at least 24 hour notice before canceling).
    5. Have access to an Apiari team dedicated to making your work experience a happy one. We understand that work can be challenging and we are here to help you get through those challenges.

    What will my hours be?

    You tell us what your hours are and we will only send assignments to you if they match your availability. You can, and should, update your availability on your Apiari calendar.

  • For corporations

    Can my company offer Apiari@work without a subsidy?

    Yes! A minimal monthly corporate plan provides discounted rates for your employees.

    Does my company have the flexibility to set the subsidized amount?

    Yes, Apiari@work is designed to offer company maximum flexible in terms of subsidy amount, who is eligible for the subsidy, and the duration of the subsidy.

    How is Apiari@work different from other corporate back-up care benefits?

    Our range of services can be used by any employee regardless of parental status, marital status or their generation. Companies pay a small monthly subscription fee to provide access to experienced and quality help to their employees. They can also choose to subsidize part or all services provided.