Trending: Summer Camp-in-Home

“I’m bored.”

As we head into summer, if you plan on keeping your kids at home during this COVID-19 summer (regardless if summer camps will remain open or not), be ready to hear those words all summer long.

Unless… break up the monotony with some help to keep your kids engaged and entertained while keeping them safe. At Apiari, our community health and safety are the most important to us. In addition to our COVID Commitment to you, every Apiari provider and family need to make and follow the Apiari’s COVID Community Commitments before they can be matched and work with each other.

Whether you need just a few hours to yourself or need to return to your workplace, we have a number of great summer camp-at-home services for you to choose from:

– Summer Pods: After weeks of self-isolation, your kids may be yearning for some in-person socialization with their friends. Form your own little playgroup, book a dance class, math lesson, or a trip to the park and let one of our sitters supervise their activities and safety. We can also match you to another family in your neighborhood to form your own Pod Group.

– Private Childcare: In-home private nannies and sitters who are focused 100% on your kids. Some of our providers can also help with light housekeeping and family cooking.

– Enrichment Sitters: If you are worried about summer brain drain, but are already drained from months of homeschooling, let Apiari’s enrichment sitters take your kids for a few hours of math, writing, dance, arts and crafts, sports and more.

Virtual Childcare: Our virtual sitters can provide external socialization and lead simple activities without stepping into your home. Great for kids ages 3+.

Check out our childcare programs above to make your child’s summer at home memorable. Together, with continued health and safety vigilance, #wegotthis!