Add Apiari to your
benefits plan.

Life is stressful.

Without a healthy work-life balance, stress and personal tensions can creep into the workplace. Left unaddressed, the build-up ultimately leads to employee burnout.


  • Burnout is expensive.Employee burnout costs companies $300 billion each year
  • Productivity is precious.Lowered productivity costs companies $150 billion each year.
  • Stress adds up.42% of employees cite stress as the primary reason they leave their job.


That’s where Apiari@work comes in

Apiari@work is a cost-effective wellness program based on actual usage and customized corporate allowance.

The program can be offered to all employees, regardless of parental or dependent status, gender or generation.

How’s that for an inclusive culture?

Apiari can simplify your employees’
lives during challenging times.

  • New parents

    When they’d give just about anything for a good night’s sleep before a big day of work.

  • On the mend

    When they’re in recovery from illnesses or surgeries and need help around the house.

  • Away from home

    When they’re working late or traveling and need help with errands or household chores.

  • Need an extra hand

    When they have no back-up coverage if their regular caretaker is away or ill.

  • Work to do

    When they need support after school, during school breaks and on half days and sick days.

  • Simply too busy

    When they don’t have time to help their elderly parents and/or grandparents.

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