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Our co-founders, Yi-Hsian and Ming, know first-hand how tough it can be to live a normal, healthy life while raising a family.

Shortly after the birth of her second child, Ming was lamenting with Yi-Hsian about the challenge of finding an experienced part-time housekeeper. Yi-Hsian had her own challenges, as she still wanted occasional help taking care of her school-age kids and cleaning her apartment. Plus, their mutual friend shared similar worries about managing young children and elderly parents.

It became clear that when it comes to caring for your family, you can always use an extra pair of hands.

Today, Apiari’s continuum of services allow people to find quality part-time help, whether you’re single, dating, married, a new parent or an empty nester.


Meet our team.

Yi-Hsian Godfrey, CEO and Co-Founder
Yi-Hsian (pronounced “E-Schwan”) is a big picture thinker with a knack for creating impactful products, services and customer experiences. She is unafraid to tackle the unknowns in life and business. Former startup board member and marketing executive turned entrepreneur, she lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two elementary school-age children.

Mingzhang Zeng, COO, GC and Co-Founder
Ming is passionate about social infrastructures that make the world a better place. As a go-to advisor on US-China deals, Ming helps clients form billion-dollar private equity funds, finance renewable energy projects and invest in cleantech. A mother, lawyer and entrepreneur, Ming believes that “having it all” means having the help to let you do it all. Ming lives in Brooklyn with her family and a dog named Albus.

Adam Berlinsky-Schine, CTO and Co-Founder
Adam is Apiari’s tech nerd. He’s built his career on building products that help people meet each other, from dating to networking to roommate-matching apps. Apiari is the natural next step. He doesn’t have kids yet, but he is building Apiari to find the perfect dog walker for his adorable puppy, Gimlet, and to find someone to clean his messy apartment.